Our professional and adaptable Services generally fall into one of these categories which are further explained hereafter.



Organizations often host ongoing educational seminars and meetings to improve the professional knowledge and practices of their membership.  One key area that sets Association Allies apart from its competition is that we have extensive experience planning and coordinating educational programs as stand-alone events, within conferences, and at themed symposia.  We are adept at developing content, managing speakers and coordinating logistics.

Content Development:

  • Developing a great theme and activities/ events for your meeting
  • Developing sessions and program ideas and special educational networking events 
  • Determining best methods and delivery systems
  • Developing topics and a request for proposals
  • Developing and maintaining a Schedule of Events
  • Coordinating the scheduling of sessions
  • Coordinating content with staff or program planning committee members
  • Maintaining/ updating program content (print and online)
  • Preparing daily outline of course goals, activities and logistics

Speaker Management:

Finding and coordinating good speakers is essential to a successful presentation.  Managing all of the speaker data and communications requires a great deal of work!

We are skilled in this service and can support all of your needs, including:

  • Identifying topics of interest and source potential speakers and moderators
  • Checking speaker availability and producing confirmation letters
  • Managing speaker travel
  • Coordinating audio/visual needs
  • Coordinating the collection and compilation of speaker forms and information
  • Managing abstract submissions from potential speakers
  • Oversight of abstract submission system
  • Creating speaker evaluations, posting speaker bios and presentations or other web content
  • Writing speeches or scripts for speakers’ introductions
  • Assisting in creating presentations and supporting materials
  • Compiling presentations to produce handouts binders or books for onsite

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Almost every association has an annual conference and/or smaller meeting(s) throughout the year to make happen.  But they often don’t have a full-time conference management team or adequate staff in-house to satisfy such varying and demanding efforts.

Association Allies has successfully partnered with organizations to skillfully handle from one to all of the following tasks.

Planning and Management:

  • Overall program planning, management and administration
  • Theme development
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Development and close monitoring of preparation and event schedule
  • Revenue segmentation
  • Budget assistance and financial control
  • Vendor sourcing, contracting, coordination and payment
  • Coaching and coordination with board and planning committee(s)

Conference Marketing – Exhibits and Sponsorships:

  • Developing prospect lists for sponsors, advertisers and exhibitors
  • Contacting previous and prospective supporters
  • Soliciting new sponsors and advertisers
  • Selling and tracking exhibit booths and sponsorships
  • Preparing Exhibitor/ Supporter Prospectus
  • Coordinating benefits with supporters and strategic partners
  • Tracking exhibit spaces and needs
  • Coordinating advertising

Special Events:

  • Welcome receptions
  • Networking/ themed receptions
  • Banquets
  • Off-property events

Speakers and Moderators:

  • Call for presentations
  • Speaker sourcing, confirmation, and coordination
  • Abstract system management and processing
  • Materials development, production and distribution
  • See Educational Programs for more relevant tasks

Site Logistics:

  • Site selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Meeting space set-up
  • Audio-visual needs coordination
  • Food and Beverage management
  • Banquet Event Order review
  • Housing block management
  • VIP arrangements
  • Signage
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • On-site operational support

Post Meeting:

  • Creation of post-meeting evaluation through printed or online methods
  • Collection and posting of speaker presentations to conference web site
  • Compilation and analysis of meeting evaluation data/feedback from attendees
  • Debriefing meetings with staff

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Associations must communicate with their members and share industry information.  Modern delivery methods involve a combination of printed and electronic magazines, journals, newsletters, brochures, list servers and blogs.  We offer experience in writing, editing, and organizing documents as well as working with printers and online providers to produce effective communications.

  • Producing Marketing brochures, Program books, Handouts binders, etc.
  • Producing educational training materials
  • Creating periodic publications, including journals and newsletters
  • Developing production schedules
  • Writing and editing for print and online
  • Coordinating graphic designers, printers and other vendors

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Many associations establish industry standards through certification and accreditation credentialing programs.  Association Allies is also unique in that we have extensive experience in establishing and maintaining such benchmark programs, especially related to Continuing Medical Education (CME) compliance.  We would be happy to ensure that you are securing information and meeting the requirements necessary as you develop your educational program. 

  • Managing Certification process and administration
  • Managing compliance with standards and regulations
  • Coordinating application and acceptance criteria
  • Coordinating all speaker information and materials to properly complete all of the needed paperwork

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With 15 years of diverse association experience, we are able to support your staff in areas such as:

  • Analyzing competitive membership structures, benefits and dues
  • Enhancing chapter relations
  • Integrating committees and interest groups
  • Supporting boards of directors
  • Fundraising through donations or endowments
  • Managing the relocation/consolidation of office space
  • Improving investments in real estate

… or any need no matter how broad and strategic or small and detailed! 

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If you need support services which are not highlighted above, please do not hesitate to contact us at 410-978-4228 or email at erin@associationallies.com with your inquiry.






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